Immigration Lawyer In Israel

Immigration Lawyer In Israel
Immigration Lawyer In Israel

People migrate to Israel for a number of reasons. It might be due to family reunification, Israeli Law of Return, commonly known as Aliyah, and to marry an Israeli citizen. To immigrate to Israel, you have a number of visas such as a volunteer visa, student or education visa, tourist visa, work visa, expert work visa. If you are working for an international organization you can also enter Israel easily. However, you might need help in the immigration process. Immigration attorney Israel can help you with the complex immigration process or Aliyah.

Best Immigration Lawyers in Israel

Immigration lawyers in Israel can be of great service when it comes to getting an Israeli entrance or immigration visa. Some of the best immigration lawyers in Israel work for the Ministry of Interior but usually, they represent commercial and private clients.

The Ministry of Interior is basically an Israeli government entity that issues work, student, and immigration visas to the people wishing to enter Israel. If you have any questions and inquiries in this regard, you can always consult an immigration attorney in Israel.

Why Do You Need an Immigration Lawyer in Israel? – Immigration Laws Israel

There are many circumstances where you might need the help of an immigration attorney in Israel. Here are some immigration Israeli laws that the lawyers are familiar with.

Aliyah To Israel

According to the law of Return of Israel constituted in 1950, descendants of Jews and Jews can wish to live in Israel whenever they wish to. This includes descendants as well as direct family members. If you are a descendant or Jew or direct family member of a Jewish family that lives in Israel, you can hire an immigration attorney in Israel to help you with the paperwork.

Marriage to An Israeli Resident or Citizen

Non-residents of Israel who have married a local or Israeli resident have the right to acquire legal status there. However, it is a gradual process that takes up to 5 years. Both the people in a marital relationship have to prove to the government that they are living together.

At first, the non-Israeli resident receives a temporary resident status and a work visa so that he could provide for himself. If you have complications in acquiring the temporary resident status in Israel, it is best to consult one of the best immigration lawyers in Israel.

Israel Deportation Order and Entry Denial

DBC (Department of Border Control) has the right to deny a person’s entry in Israel. However, the reason behind entry denial must be legal and authentic. If you think that the decision of the Ministry of Interior is wrong, you can challenge them in the administrative courts by having an immigration attorney in Israel represent you.

Legal Representation in Courts by An Immigration Attorney Israel

Immigration to Israel is a complex process. Some people do not get permanent resident status due to complications put by the Ministry of Interior. However, you have a right to challenge the decision of the Interior Ministry in administrative courts. But you cannot file such an appeal or petition against authority all by yourself. You need a good immigration lawyer in Israel to help you with the legal immigration process.