Who Is The Best Dui Lawyer In Jacksonville, Florida?

Who Is The Best Dui Lawyer In Jacksonville, Florida?
Who Is The Best Dui Lawyer In Jacksonville, Florida?

Florida DUI laws are some of the toughest ones in the nation. If you have had a brush with the local law enforcement for driving while intoxicated, you may lose your driving license, face imprisonment, and pay hefty fines. DUI is a very serious criminal offense that might even carry felony penalties and misdemeanors.

A conviction due to DUI would not just affect your liberty but your criminal record, your reputation, your financial well-being, driving privileges, and insurance premiums for the long term.

If you were arrested by a police officer/sheriff for DUI, the first thing you should do is call an experienced DUI lawyer Jacksonville, fl. A Jacksonville DUI attorney is skilled in investigating everything that happened at the stop- from sobriety tests to breathalyzer conductions involving blood and urine tests.

You Need the Best DUI Attorney Jacksonville, Florida

In this type of conviction, the odds might not be in your favor. However, DUI defense lawyer Jacksonville FL could evaluate the whole case and identify useful defense strategies that could be used to prevent the harsh and tough consequences of DUI conviction.

Through skillful negotiations, a DUI attorney in Jacksonville, Florida could lessen the penalties in the court.

You need to find out the best African American lawyer in Jacksonville FL who understands the high stakes that are usually involved in a DUI conviction. A best DUI attorney in Jacksonville, Florida has a unique approach to each case and has the determination and dedication to out-think the prosecution so that the defendant could have the best outcome.

DUI Attorney in Jacksonville, FL 

State and County DUI Laws: Jacksonville, Florida

If you have had an encounter with the sheriff and going to appear for a DUI conviction, here’s a piece of advice with reference to the state and county DUI laws of Jacksonville, Florida.

Florida’s Felony DUI Charges

There are only 2 ways where your DUI conviction can turn into a felony charge. A felony charge for DUI could leave you in jail for more than a year. Firstly, if you are convicted of driving while intoxicated 3 times in a course of 10 years, the case automatically becomes a felony. Secondly, if you kill or even injure someone while intoxicated, it becomes a felony too.

If you are sure that your conviction is bound to become a felony, hire the best DUI attorney in Jacksonville, FL for the optimal outcome of this case.

Penalties Associated with A DUI Charge

There are administrative as well as criminal penalties associated with a DUI conviction. However, these penalties depend on a number of factors such as the alcohol content in your blood system, whether anyone was injured or not and etc. Penalties usually include community work, hefty fines, imprisonment, or impoundment.

To face minimal penalties, consult the best DUI defense lawyer Jacksonville, fl.

Establishment of The Prosecution

To prove your crime, the state must establish proof that the defendant was in control of the physical vehicle or drove it.

Moreover, they also have to establish if you were under the influence of alcoholic beverages or chemical substances. If the alcohol content is 0.8 or higher in your blood system, you are likely to be arrested. In this case, it’s best to call a DUI attorney to evaluate your case.