Immigration Lawyer In Israel

Immigration Lawyer In Israel
Immigration Lawyer In Israel

People migrate to Israel for several reasons- for family reunification based on the Law of Return or Aliyah and marrying Israeli citizens. They enter the country using a tourist visa, a work visa, a student or education visa, or an immigration visa. Among these visas, getting an immigration visa requires help from an immigration lawyer situated in or outside Israel.

Immigration to Israel

Usually, Israeli immigration lawyers are more than happy to offer their services to people who want to migrate to Israel. No matter what the question or query is, an immigration attorney in Israel who works with international private clients.

Moreover, they deal with the Ministry of Interior (various departments). This authority is responsible for issuing visas to people to enter the land of Israel.

Migrating to Israel By Aliyah

Immigration attorneys also represent clients who wish to migrate to Israel according to Aliyah or the law of return. It is a law pact made in the year 1950 and allows Israeli Jews and their descendants to enter the land of Israel whenever they want. This does not only include family members but direct descendants as well.

Marrying an Israeli Resident or A Citizen

An individual who weds with an Israeli resident or a citizen is eligible to enter the state of Israel or acquire a legal Israeli status. However, the processing is gradual and it takes about 5 years for the couple to prove that they are living together under one roof.

Firstly, the individual gets a word visa, then a temporary residency visa, and after 5 years, a permanent resident visa or Israeli citizenship.

Deportation Order in Israel

BDC or the Border Control department is responsible for allowing the person to enter or to deny his entry. It is entirely up to them. However, the reason for denial should be logical, authentic, and legally approached.

Any decision of the Department of Border Control can be challenged with the help of an immigration lawyer at the Administrative court.

Immigration lawyers in Israel have the expertise in assisting the matter revolving around entry denial and deportation orders. An attorney can appeal a deportation order on your behalf and resolve issues regarding your entrance to the land of Israel.

Legal Representation in The Administrative Court by An Immigration Lawyer in Israel

There are many firms and immigration attorneys that represent private international clients in taking legal action and presenting the case in front of the Ministry of Interior regarding his or her immigration to the land of Israel. For instance, if you have to file an appeal against the decision taken by the Department of Border Control, you can give in your petition in the high court or the Administrative court for seeking justice in Jerusalem.

Overall Thoughts

If your main motive is to migrate to Israel or get permanent citizenship, seeking legal advice and help from an immigration attorney who knows best about the Law of Return, common-law wife visa, friendship visas, etc. is the best option you are left with.