Civil Divorce Lawyer Needed In Central Israel

Civil Divorce Lawyer Needed In Central Israel
Civil Divorce Lawyer Needed In Central Israel

In Israel, religious courts play a significant role in dissolving marriages and other divorce-related matters. When it comes to making divorce and family-related decisions such as maintenance, asset division, and child custody, the religious court that receives the first petition would decide the law in these crucial areas.

Traditionally, religious courts were more in favor of men in divorce cases as compared to women. That is why women in Israel always intended to bring asset and child custody matters before the court. This unfairness could deprive you of the fundamental rights that you have if you a woman. That is why hiring a lawyer in Israel to settle down divorce matters is very important.

Your case first goes into the hands of religious courts and then to the Israeli family court. Hiring an Israel divorce lawyer would not only cut down the financial costs of long lawsuits but would also reduce your time spent in hearings.

Often family or divorce disputes are settled down by means of mediation. This does not only save time but money. Having an Israeli family lawyer to do it can be a good decision as you are not aware of the complex Israeli family laws.

Civil Divorce Lawyer in Central Israel- Israel Family Laws

Before getting in touch with an Israeli family attorney, you need to know a little about Israel’s family laws. This would help you to communicate easily with your lawyer in Israel.

Marriages in Israel And Abroad

The religious and mediation courts have to deal with a lot of divorce issues such as dissolving marriages between an Israeli citizen and non-Israeli citizen. Israel divorce lawyer won’t only represent you in the court but would also help you when it would come to drawing up a prenuptial agreement between you and the spouse in a civil marriage.

The Prenuptial Agreement/Contract in Israel Family Laws

The purpose of a pre-nuptial agreement in Israel family law according to Israeli family lawyer is to arrive at negotiation or agreement to end the family dispute. The dispute might arise in a marital relationship when it’s on the verge of being dead.

A prenuptial agreement between two parties is signed after marriage and even before marriage. However, if the two individuals are already married, the document must receive the court’s power through an application. Israeli family attorney could help you get the court verdict in your favor.

Divorce in Israel

If two parties are married to each other in accordance with the Jewish religious law, then the court proceedings for divorce could only be conducted in a religious court. however, other issues such as child support, division of accumulated property or assets and child’s custody are resolved in civil courts.

If for instance, one party in a marriage contract is not a Jew, then the divorce would be filed in a civil court. Hiring an Israeli divorce lawyer would help you get the rights you deserve after divorce.

Child Abduction

Divorce proceedings can sometimes become very complicated to handle. There are chances that one party might abduct the child in order to disconnect him from his father or mother. This becomes an international regulated issue as stated by the Hague convention. Taking the help of an Israeli family attorney becomes a must in alarming and threatening family issues.