What is a Ponzi scheme?

What is a Ponzi scheme?
What is a Ponzi scheme?

In the recent past, you must have heard a lot of news about Ponzi schemes. They guarantee exciting promises but lead people towards frustration and hassle in the long run. Therefore, it is important for all people to have a clear understanding of “What is a Ponzi Scheme”. Then you will get the opportunity to avoid frustration linked with them.

What is a Ponzi scheme?

A Ponzi scheme can simply be defined as investment fraud. It promises amazing returns for all investors. In fact, investors are convinced that they will be provided with amazing returns via the funds that are raised from newly joined investors. Due to this reason, existing investors would be tempted to get new investors into the scheme as well.

For a Ponzi scheme to work, it should have a continuous flow of investors. In such a situation, organizers of the Ponzi scheme will be able to win a higher amount of money within a short period of time. But when the Ponzi scheme fails to recruit new investors, it will collapse.

The first-ever Ponzi scheme was started back in 1920 by a guy named Charles Ponzi. He cheated thousands of people who lived in New England by promising them to deliver 50% of their investments within 90 days. Since then, Ponzi schemes have evolved along with time. Therefore, it is important for people to have a clear understanding of how to avoid them.

What can you do to avoid Ponzi schemes?

  • Always be skeptical

If you are approached by an individual who tries to sell a massive investment, you should be skeptical about it. The investment scheme would look promising. In other words, it would convince you that you will be able to get amazing returns without any risk. This is a common example in a Ponzi scheme. When you are provided with such an investment plan, you should be extra cautious. In most cases, returns would be generated by a thing that you haven’t heard before. Or else, you would think that it is impossible to generate such returns via the method explained. If you don’t have any idea at all, you are encouraged to go ahead and seek the assistance of someone who has experience and knowledge about the subject.

  • Be suspicious when you come across unsolicited offers

During a Ponzi scheme, a person would get in touch with you unexpectedly. For example, you will be asked to come and take part in an investment seminar. You should always look at such instances with a suspicious eye. If you are a senior citizen, you should keep in mind that you are in the high-risk category of being subjected to investment scams. People in your age category are more vulnerable to such scams as well. Therefore, you need to be suspicious when you are provided with an unsolicited offer.

  • See whether the investment opportunity is a registered one or not

Once you are provided with an investment opportunity, you should see whether it is registered or not. Usually, the Ponzi schemes are unregistered. They will not be provided with registration by the controlling authorities due to nature. You can simply ask for additional information about the investment from the individual who promotes them to you. If that person tells you that the investment opportunity is not registered, you need to inquire why it is not. It is true that an investment opportunity doesn’t need to be registered at all times. However, moving forward with a registered investment opportunity would provide you with the opportunity to keep peace of mind. It can also keep you away from fraudulent Ponzi schemes. Therefore, it is a must for you to see whether the investment is registered or not.

  • Analyze the seller

The seller who’s trying to promote the investment opportunity to you should also be analyzed properly. If you get in touch with FINRA, you will be able to get additional information about the seller. Here, you need to see whether the seller has obtained the required licenses. In addition, you should keep an eye on all sorts of negative information about the seller as well. If there are negative remarks or if the seller has not obtained the required licenses, you should never go for the investment opportunity. There is a high chance associated with it to be a Ponzi scheme and it’s better to be safe.

  • Be 100% sure about the investment before you spend money

Most people in today’s world do the mistake of spending their money before they get 100% sure about the investment opportunities. This can be considered as one of the most prominent reasons why people become victims of Ponzi schemes. If you don’t understand any part of the investment opportunity, you should ask for additional information. Plenty of resources are available on the internet for you to get the required information. By going through those details, you will be able to get a better understanding of how to invest your money. Then you can also evaluate the opportunities that are provided to you. This would improve your knowledge about Ponzi schemes as well and you will be able to stay away from them.

  • Report the Ponzi schemes that you come across

Last but not least, you need to be careful to report all the Ponzi schemes that you come across in day-to-day life. By going this, you will get the opportunity to save another person from becoming a victim of it. As soon as you come across a Ponzi scheme, you need to file a case with FINRA. Or else, you can get in touch with the Securities and Exchange Commission to do it. When you report the Ponzi Scheme, you will be ensuring that you save lots of other people from falling into the trap as well.

Final Words

Now you have a clear understanding of the answer to the question “what is a Ponzi scheme”. Any person can become a victim of a Ponzi scheme. Hence, it is extremely important to keep your eyes open and make sure that you don’t become a victim. Now you have a clear understanding of how to avoid the frustration associated with Ponzi schemes. As the next step, you need to keep an eye on the Ponzi schemes around you. If you come across any, you should be careful to stay away from them.

What is probate court?

What is probate court?
What is probate court?

Probate court is one of the specialized types of courts, which is dealing with the debts and property of a person who has passed away. The main objective of a probate court judge is to take a look at the debts that the deceased person has obtained and make sure that all the creditors are paid accordingly. If there are any remaining assets left after the payments to the credits, the beneficiaries will be able to get them. In fact, the assets will be properly distributed among the beneficiaries in such a situation.

What exactly is probate?

Before you understand what is probate court, you need to understand what exactly is meant by probate. Probate refers to the legal procedure, where a court will be able to take a look at the distribution of assets that belonged to a deceased person. You will be able to discover specialized probate courts operating in numerous states.

In some of the states, the probate court is called in different names. For example, you will be able to see names such as chancery court, orphan’s court, and surrogate’s court being used by the different states. Regardless of the name, all of them are catering to one main objective, which is to ensure that the assets are distributed in a fair manner among the beneficiaries, after making all the obligation payments to the creditors.

The probate court would usually appoint a person and he will be able to take complete control over the assets of the deceased person. This is where it is possible to ensure that all the debts are paid in an appropriate manner. Then the same person will be able to divide the remaining assets among beneficiaries as well.

What would happen during probate if there is no will?

If there is a will, the assets can be distributed accordingly to it. But if there is no will, things would become trickier. That’s because the property will be distributed to the next of kin of the deceased person. This will be fully determined by the probate law. In fact, this is one of the most important aspects that you can find in probate law as well. It is called the law of intestate succession.

It has the ability to properly outline the way how the next of kin will be able to inherit the spouse. In here, the spouse of the deceased person will be able to get a part of the property owned by the decedent. On the other hand, the law would further break down to what the siblings, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, and the siblings will be able to inherit.

It is also important to understand that the probate law would vary from one state to another. Due to the same reason, you should get in touch with a lawyer in your state and get a clear understanding of the law that you will need to adhere to. This is the most effective method available for you to refrain from facing any complications while trying to deal with the probate law.

What would happen for probate with a will?

What would happen if a person dies with a will? In this kind of situation, the will act as the last statement. Hence, the property will be distributed according to the way how it is described in the will. But if the deceased person has debt, the probate court will pay attention to the will. Here, the probate court would initially check and confirm if the will is still valid or not.

If there is a will, the surviving spouse would be able to receive a portion of the property. This will be called the effective share of the surviving spouse. However, this amount would vary from one state to another as well. That’s why you should work closely with a probate lawyer and get to know about the conditions that exist in your state.

Understanding the probate process

The overall probate process would begin when a person files a petition. In most instances, family members or one of the lenders will go ahead and file this petition. Then the case will be taken to the probate court. If you happen to go to a probate court, you need to understand what is a probate court. Based on that understanding, you will be able to get yourself familiar with the actions that are taking place within the probate court.

If there is a will, it is important to file a copy of that will along with the petition. Then the probate court will be able to consider the will and proceed with the rest of the work that will be conducted at the probate court. In some of the states, you will be able to discover probate court forms. If your court is offering such a form, it would be possible to navigate through the proceedings with ease. That’s because the probate court form will provide you with a clear understanding of what you should be doing.

The probate court will then issue an order, where a person will be appointed. This person will be representing the estate. Here, the appointed person will be usually called the executor or personal representative. However, there are also situations where that person is called the administrator. If there is no will, the appointed person will usually be called the administrator.

It would be the responsibility of this personal representative to take care of all the administrative work. In other words, he will have to open the estate bank accounts, arrange public notices and publish them within the newspapers, determine the validity of all the claims that are put forward by the creditors, sell the assets if there is a need, send notices to the beneficiaries, fill all the court documents and file the last tax return for the deceased person. After doing all these things, the executor would usually transfer the remaining assets to the beneficiaries.

Final words

The probate court will be able to provide relief to the creditors as well as the loved ones of a deceased person who will inherit the assets. It is important to have a clear understanding of the nature of work that is done by the probate court and act accordingly. Then you will be able to get all the support that you need from the probate court in an effective manner. To overcome complications associated with this process, you should always be working along with an experienced lawyer. Then you will not come across any troubles.

All the reasons for you to hire an inheritance lawyer

All the reasons for you to hire an inheritance lawyer

When you are planning for your future or you are in charge of the estate of another person, you will come across the need to seek the assistance of a probate lawyer or an inheritance lawyer. They have a clear picture of the law and you will be able to get all the support that you need to refrain from facing any negative consequences. Therefore, you should go ahead and hire a probate lawyer for all property inheritance-related cases.

What exactly can your probate lawyer do?

Before you contact an inheritance lawyer, you need to understand what exactly the probate lawyer can do to help and support you. One of the key responsibilities of a probate lawyer is to go through a will and validate whether it is accurate or valid. This process is called probating an estate. Upon deciding that it is valid, the probate lawyer will go-ahead to the next step and determine who should receive what property.

This may look like a simple and straightforward process. However, it is not so simple and straightforward as it would seem. That’s because there are numerous factors that should be analyzed. In the meantime, the probate lawyer will need to make sure that no mistakes are done during the process. That’s because a mistake done during this process can be costly and it can give life to a variety of serious negative consequences.

Reasons to Hire a probate lawyer

Now you have a basic understanding of what a probate lawyer will be able to do to you. While keeping that in mind, let’s take a look at all the reasons available for you to hire an inheritance lawyer. Then you can obtain the support you need accordingly and refrain from facing the negative effects that would come on your way.

  • You can keep your family members away from conflict

The probate lawyer will be able to deliver all the support that you need to keep the family members away from conflicts. You never wish to get into any conflicts along with your loved family members. However, it will not be something practically possible for you to do at all times. That’s because you will come across numerous conflicting situations when they are approaching how the assets of inheritance should be divided. In such a situation, a probate lawyer will be able to deliver the best level of support and assistance. In other words, a probate lawyer will make sure that no potential conflict would arise at the time of making this decision. He will take care of everything and you just need to adhere to the procedure.

  • You will be able to access the estate faster

It is possible for you to access the estate faster with the support and assistance offered by the inheritance lawyer. When you go through the process on your own, you will have to go through numerous struggles. However, your chances of working on such challenges will be removed at the time of facing such challenges. Make sure that you hire an expert and gain access to the estate.

The probate lawyer will be aware of how to proceed with the case and provide a solution to your need. Hence, you can make sure that you are not dealing with the problem for a longer duration of time.

  • You can prevent all the claims against the estate

Hiring an inheritance lawyer will be a great option available for you to prevent all sorts of claims that would take place against the estate as well. When a person passes away, there would be at least one defendant, who is trying to claim that estate. This would be a spouse who is not mentioned in the will of a family member. Your probate lawyer can help you to stay away from such conflicting situations and get a solution that matches the preferences that you have. On the other hand, you can make sure that the claims are always distributed in an accurate manner. This can ensure your betterment in the long run.

  • You can stay away from rejections

Another outstanding benefit of hiring a probate lawyer is that you will be able to receive the support needed to stay away from rejections. During the probating period, you will need to go to the courts and fill in some of the documents. You need to make sure that you are filling the documents correctly. Otherwise, you will have to face rejections. This is another area where your probate lawyer can help you with. The probate lawyer will be able to make sure that all the documents are filed in a correct manner. Hence, you will not have to do a lot of work from your end.

You can consult the probate lawyer and ask how the documents should be filled. Then you will be provided with guidance on how to do it. Based on that, you can move forward with the process. Hence, you can make sure that you are not filling tedious paperwork more than one time.

  • You can get all your questions answered

When you are going through the probating process, you will get numerous questions to your mind. It is important to find answers to all those questions that you are getting in a timely manner. Your probate lawyer will be the best source of help available for you to consider in such as situation.

No matter what your question is, you can get an answer to it from the probate lawyer. In addition to that, you will also be able to get the doubts clarified. For example, you will wonder what should be done if the deceased person has debt. Likewise, you will even wonder whether all the assets have to be probated or not. No matter what the exact question is, your probate lawyer will be the best source of support available to help you.

Final words

Now you are aware of how the probate lawyer you pick will be able to deliver support and assistance to you. Keep these facts in mind and make sure that you pick the number one inheritance lawyer to help you with the case. You can go through a smooth and trouble-free process without going through any roadblocks with the support offered by the lawyer. In the meantime, you can have all the legal support that you wish to get as well.

Business Lawyer Los Angeles CA

Business Lawyer Los Angeles CA
Business Lawyer Los Angeles CA

Los Angeles Business lawyers

Finding a legal counsel with the skills and resources to navigate a complex yet risky business dispute can prove to be difficult, especially for a small business. As a businessman, you might need help to resolve a business dispute related to your commercial affairs in the market. At such times, nothing is better than trusting an experienced business lawyer.

A Los Angeles business attorney will help you seek justice in court for corporate wrongdoings. In addition to that, a business lawyer in Los Angeles can represent your business in the legal proceedings.

Business lawyers have the diligence, know-how, experience, and commercial sophistication to mitigate the harms you have faced from fraudulent business partners, scams, breach of privacy, poorly drafted contracts, and other business-related issues.

What matters do business attorneys handle?

Business lawyers are dedicated to handling various aspects of your commercial affairs including:

Commercial contracts and transactions

Every business is dependent on drafted contracts that can be easily understood by the parties involved. A business attorney is skilled at drafting a contract to serve the commercial and contractual needs of a business.

However, the contracts drafted by a business lawyer in Los Angeles should be concise and clear. In addition to that, a lawyer also provides legal counseling regarding contracts and business negotiations. In simpler words, business lawyers advocate the commercial rights of their clients.

Early-stage/small-scale businesses and companies

Business attorneys in Los Angeles help their clients to launch, grow, expand, sell, acquire and buy private businesses/companies. Most of the entrepreneurs in Los Angeles have corporate needs including incentive compensation, stock option plans, strategic acquisitions, equity, debt financing, and business reorganizations.

Business attorneys in Los Angeles know what it takes to start a successful business.

Executive and employment representation

Business lawyers of Los Angeles are keen on defending lawsuits against clients running businesses. In addition to that, they also advise their clients on a variety of commercial affairs including employee separation, employee termination, and employment preparation agreements.

Handle entertainment and media clients

If you are in the media and entertainment industry, looking to protect your intellectual property, a business attorney could come in handy. The best business lawyers who specialize in entertainment are found in Los Angeles.

You can take guidance from a lawyer regarding all business transactions, joint ventures, investments, acquisitions, and intellectual properties that you own.

Lending and finance in business

Business lawyers are skilled to secure the necessary financing to maintain and develop the clients’ businesses.

A business attorney represents both, the borrower as well as the lender in all aspects of investment and financing transactions including acquisition finance, real estate financing, mezzanine, and senior debt, asset-based lending, venture lending, and other types of financing.

Every business has financing and lending needs. However, an expert business lawyer helps his clients to choose the best course of action.

Technology and licensing transactions

Every business faces licensing and technology issues from time to time. If you are facing one at the moment, hire a business lawyer for creative and practical solutions as per your commercial requirements.

Acquisitions and mergers

Buying, selling, import, and export businesses require high-quality legal services in all aspects of commercial affairs including recapitalizations, merger transactions, equity, sales, and all other types of corporate restructuring.

Business venture capital

Venture capital, investors, and high-impact entrepreneurs signify the world of business with progress and growth. Business lawyers work with entrepreneurs to maximize the return on investment and to ensure that the transactions close efficiently.

All companies and businesses require sophisticated yet affordable legal support to prosper. To excel in your commercial affairs, hire a high-impact business attorney who can help you make wise legal decisions associated with your commercial dealings.

Best lawyer to sue a bank

The best lawyer to sue a bank

Money is what makes the entire world spin around. We have all seen fantasy movies where they show that money is not a big factor. However, the real world needs money to survive. Banks may be the best place to store money, however, like all organizations, banks are not perfect.

If you think that you might have trouble with the bank, and it is their mistake, you should consider hiring a lawyer to sue the bank. Banks have been around forever and play a vital role in any business.

Cases were to sue a bank

There are many cases where banks – even though they are professional and legal, can cause you – the consumer – to suffer from some sort of trauma or damage. In such cases, you can sue a bank. Here are some of the cases where hiring a good lawyer to sue a bank may be a good idea:

Refusal to provide loan

A loan is short-term lending of money that banks provide for their customers. It is under Article 4 of the Uniform Commercial Code that states that banks should be allowed to lend loans to their customers providing that the conditions are met.

In rare cases, a bank may refuse to provide loans for discriminatory reasons such as race, color, country, accent, language, or religion. In such cases, you can apply for a lawsuit in federal court. Do note that the process will be extremely tedious, so investing in an effective lawyer to sue the bank may be a good option.

When the debt collector violates FDCPA

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) allows banks to collect the debt from consumers in case they have taken a loan. However, in some cases, a bill collector official from the bank may violate some of the rights provided to you as a consumer. In such a case, you may be able to file a case for damages against FDCPA violations – which can help you not only recover the money usurped from you but also get reimbursement from the court for other damages dealt.

When the bank is being negligent

Here are some of the cases of banks being negligent that can allow you to sue them:

  • Failure to issue drafts, pay orders, or bankers’ cheques.
  • Delay in the issuance of drafts, pay orders, or bankers’ cheques.
  • Delay in transactions that caused a loss in the profit of the business.
  • Not taking issues with their employees seriously.
  • Not returning money that might be taken as fees for the transaction that was never completed in the first place.

There are many other cases, but we hope that you get the gist of it. If you don’t know whether your issue falls within legally suing, consider investing in a lawyer that specializes in filing a lawsuit against a bank.

How to sue a bank

Here is a simple step-to-step guide that can help you sue a bank:

  • Hire an attorney or a lawyer to sue a bank. Suing a bank all on your own is impossible, and you will never be able to win. Period.
  • Read contracts or letters that you received when you opened your account. It will tell you the procedure you must follow in case you have a dispute with the bank.
  • File your arbitration claim to the authority that is responsible for conducting the arbitration. Wait for your turn and hear the case.
  • Alternatively, you can sue your bank in a small claims court if your problem is not very big. You won’t need a lawyer to sue the bank in this case, but it will still help.
  • Send a demand letter to the bank but be sure to make a copy of the signed letter before sending it.
  • Check your state’s statute of limitations whether your dispute is too old for the state or not.
  • Get claim forms from the small claims court and fill them out.
  • File your claim forms with the clerk of court and have the bank be notified of the lawsuit. In this case, a sheriff’s deputy must be hired to deliver the claim forms to the bank.
  • Participate in the hearing and get your case cleared up.

The process of suing the bank can be very stressful, which is why it is useful in many cases to hire the best lawyer to sue the bank.

Why should you hire a lawyer in Tel Aviv, Israel before you go ahead with buying property in Israel?

Why should you hire a lawyer in Tel Aviv, Israel before you go ahead with buying property in Israel?
Why should you hire a lawyer in Tel Aviv, Israel before you go ahead with buying property in Israel?

Are you looking forward to invest your money to purchase a property in Tel Aviv, Israel? Then you should make sure that you are seeking the assistance of an expert property lawyer in Tel Aviv, Israel. Then you will be able to get much-needed assistance to secure the best deal and overcome the hassle or frustration that you will have to deal with.

  • Selecting a suitable proper property agent

As you are searching for a property situated in a foreign country, you need to be equipped with perfect local assistance. The property agent which you are selecting has an idea about the procedure to handle communication in Thai and also they have a proper idea about the geographical area. Your property agent will give value to your valuable time by saving it and providing you with the details of your price range that meets the needs.

Buying directly from the property developer is not something that saves your money compared with purchasing it from the property agent?  A property with high quality for sale located in Israel is normally offered at a stable price by its seller. The most important advantage of receiving the help of a property agent can be shown as their role as a liaison between the buyer and the seller. The agent will receive a certain fair payment for the buyer and act on the buyer’s behalf to show his or her best interests within the entire process taking place.

  • Legal planning

Don’t forget that you are providing a part of the life savings to obtain this property and anyone should carefully handle and plan the procedures in the prevailing process. The buyer should know about the actual legal process in Israel activating on behalf of foreigners in acquiring properties. All the people who wish to go ahead with buying property in Israel should focus on legal planning. The Lawyer in Tel Aviv, Israel can help you with that.

  • Title investigation

A proper comprehensive examination regarding the title deed record which is at the Land Department must be performed. The buyer should verify that the property seller has a legal and clear title of the purchasing land before he or she goes for a contractual agreement. The lawyer you select for buying property in Israel will be able to help you with that.


When you are satisfied with the particular property, you as the buyer will inform to deposit a certain amount to show your faith so as to continue the required process. In return, the land seller will reserve your property and will begin the process by drafting specific contracts needed for the purchase.

  • Review of property contracts

The property seller will occupy the contracts arranged for the buyer. As the seller will be responsible for writing contracts, it is essential for the buyer to have a solicitor or a lawyer so as to review the contract terms and conditions.

Consulting a property dispute lawyer in Tel Aviv, Israel

Property disputes should be handled very carefully. One small mistake could cost you the loss of valuable property. So it is of utmost importance to consider hiring a quality property dispute lawyer in order to make sure that things run in a smooth manner. It should be noted that there are thousands of property dispute cases being heard in Israel annually. There are many factors to consider when hiring a quality property dispute lawyer.

Experience Matters

Experience is a key determinant of success and efficiency when it comes to professional services like these. You should consider the amount of experience that your attorney carries prior to hiring him. Lawyers who have years of experience in the field of property disputes tend to perform well when it comes to real-life property cases. Consider the success rate along with the amount of experience he/she holds. Experience along with a great success rate would be favorable for the client.

How do things work?

Different lawyers may have different styles. Some lawyers have employed a set of junior associates or advocates in order to perform most of their tasks. Israel is a great practice destination for inexperienced young advocates. You got to be very careful in a situation like this. You got to negotiate for the terms prior to hiring the property dispute lawyer. It would be better if the attorney himself will be handling the major areas of the case like the research and the case preparation. Juniors should be involved too but to a limited extent. Delegation is mostly done in large law firms within Israel. It should be noted that some of the junior associates possess the necessary skills and talents to analyze the case, but it would be ideal if the attorney himself is handling the critical parts of the case.

Fees and Expenses

Hearing and handling property disputes in Israel is supposed to be quite costly. There are many hidden charges. So it is best to negotiate and get to know about the fees and expenses during the initial stage itself. It should be noted that an attorney’s fee isn’t all that you pay. That is only the dedicated service fee you pay for the lawyer. There are many other expenses which are to be added to this. These expenses include copying, filing, witness fees, paperwork, messenger services, and etc. This is the amount of expense load that you have to consider.

Monitor the lawyer

It is very important to get to know the policies and principles of the lawyer. You got to see if the lawyer is well organized and punctual. Since it is a professional service, lawyers got to be well-organized and punctual. These things should be monitored through your third eye. See the way he/she approaches the given case. If a lawyer provides a clear and detailed background analysis for the details provided, we could conclude that his/her quality of service offering is high. It all depends on the way he/she approaches the case during the initial phase. As you can see, you will come across the need to consult a lawyer in Tel Aviv, Israel when you buy a property in the country as well as when you are resolving disputes. No matter what, make sure that you hire a reputed service provider to overcome the hassle and frustration that you have to deal with in the long run.

How to become a lawyer?

How to become a lawyer?
How to become a lawyer

Becoming a lawyer can be considered a great thing that you can do. That’s because it is a rewarding career, which can lead you towards a high level of satisfaction at all times. You will be able to enjoy what you are doing as a lawyer while providing your support and assistance to the people in need.

What exactly does a lawyer do?

Before you become a lawyer, you need to have a strong understanding of the nature of work done by a lawyer. Then you will be able to double-check and make sure that you still want to become a lawyer. Otherwise, you will just be spending your time and effort in vain.

Lawyers are working in both the private sector as well as in the public sector. For example, the lawyers are representing the clients in front of courts and help the clients to understand the law. Along with that, the lawyers will be able to help the clients to move forward with legal proceedings and make sure that they end up with positive results at the end of the day.

The lawyers are in a position to provide a variety of services. They range from providing advice to the client to representing the client at court. On the other hand, lawyers are in a position to interview witnesses, prepare legal documents, argue court motions, conduct depositions, and conduct trials as well.

When you are working as a lawyer, you will notice that your day-to-day life is not the same. You will come across something different every single day. This is something that you need to keep in mind while you are working as a lawyer

Steps to become a lawyer

Now you have a clear understanding of how it is to work as a lawyer. If you are ready to face the challenge, you can go ahead and follow these steps to become a lawyer. Any person will be able to follow these steps and end up securing positive results at the end of the day.

Obtain your undergraduate degree

You need to make sure that you are obtaining the undergraduate degree to become a lawyer. This is the very first milestone that you will have to go through. However, people who wish to become property lawyers will be able to do an undergraduate degree in technical science or math.

Get through the law school admission test

Upon completing your undergraduate degree, you should go through the law school admission test. It is important for you to get through this exam in order to enter into any of the law schools that are located in the country. It is a standardized test, which you need to take. You will need to prepare and practice a lot before you can take this exam so that you will be able to end up with positive returns at the end of the day.

Law degree

From recent studies, it has been identified that people who take a law degree will be able to get direct admission to the law school. However, different law schools have different requirements in terms of admissions. Hence, it is better if you can take a look at the specific admission requirements of the law school that you are planning to attend and act accordingly. Then you will be able to overcome hassle and frustration.

Work as an apprentice lawyer

Once you complete studying at law school, you will need to work along with an experienced lawyer as an apprentice. Then you will be able to get the practical exposure needed to perform well in the job. You will be able to get a clear understanding of the setting that the lawyers are being exposed to. Along with that, you will be able to understand how to function as a lawyer on your own.

Most of the lawyers are working in office settings. In fact, the day-to-day routine rotates around the office or courthouse. They are also spending a considerable amount of time behind the desk. On the other hand, it has been identified that lawyers don’t tend to travel a lot. You might have to travel to a courthouse based on your location. However, you will stick to one location most of the time. These are the steps that you should follow in order to become a lawyer. When you are going through these steps, you will come across a series of challenges as well. You can keep peace of mind and go through those challenges so that you will be able to end up with positive results at the end of the day.

Best IRS Tax Attorney

Best IRS Tax Attorney
Best IRS Tax Attorney

What Is an IRS Tax Attorney?

An IRS tax attorney is a professional who specializes only in areas of the complex field of laws related to tax. Even though an IRS tax lawyer is considered good by their record with the clients and experience, you must always look for the one who has studied accounting and has a bachelor’s degree in law as well as accounting is a field closely related to tax.

An IRS tax attorney does not only understand the Tax Code and laws but also the federal/state government documents of how a business or an individual should pay the taxes. In short, it takes years of practical application and education to become an experienced Tax lawyer. However, it finding the best IRS Tax lawyer is easy in comparison.

Why Do You Need an IRS Tax Lawyer? – Tax Attorney Services

Why should you look for a tax attorney at all? What can he do for you?

To begin with, an IRS tax attorney could resolve or at least deal with any tax issue that you might be facing with the IRS, short for Internal Revenue Service. He also deals with the tax issues relating to the state’s government.

Whether you are a businessman having legal issues or an individual taxpayer, an IRS tax lawyer could help you in any way possible.

With a tax lawyer by your side, you could be able to pay the lowest possible amount to the IRS. Apart from the services, he could also provide you with financial planning and legal advice so that you can avoid future tax issues altogether.

Why Do People Mostly Hire IRS Tax Lawyers?

Most common reasons why people hire IRS tax lawyers are:

  • For Tax Audit representation.
  • For tax relief and representation services.
  • For financial planning and tax collection consultation services.
  • For tax appeal representation.
  • Tax evasion or tax fraud crime representation.
  • For estate or business tax strategy.
  • For estate planning services.

Tax Relief Services

People think of IRS tax attorneys as ones who always work at law firms and are only needed when someone has to drop the criminal tax fraud charges. But this is not entirely true. While a tax lawyer might be substantial in defending yourself from criminal tax convictions, they also offer tax relief services.

Tips for Finding the Best IRS Lawyer

Dealing with tax issues amid financial difficulties could be frustrating and overwhelming. Rather than working on your case alone, it is better to have an IRS tax attorney by your side. You can hire a competent and proficient attorney with the following tips:

  • Look out for the tax attorney’s specialization.
  • See if he gives good advice on removing a tax lien against your business or personal assets.
  • Choosing a qualified and competent tax attorney.


Tax issues like incorrectly filed tax returns and late tax payments can be frustrating. If you are at a dead-end, an IRS tax lawyer is your best line to drag yourself out of tax issues with the IRS.

What Kind Of Lawyer Do I Need To Sue A Company?

What Kind Of Lawyer Do I Need To Sue A Company?
What Kind Of Lawyer Do I Need To Sue A Company?

Do I Need A Lawyer to Sue A Company?

Seeking a lawyer’s legal assistance is crucial if you are going to sue a business or a big company. Even when filing compensation lawsuits, the presence of a lawyer could be really helpful. From consultation to fighting in the court on your behalf, lawyers can help you win the case.

Federal and state laws are complex to deal with. You might have various considerations to account for like what claim to select, what court to choose for filing a claim, investigating counterclaims and claims, anticipating defenses, and whether to agree to a settlement or wait for a trial.

A company that you are going to sue is probably going to have unlimited resources and authority to fight your claim. Moreover, they would also have a whole legal team to fight you at every stage in the court. A corporate business lawyer could help you evaluate your case, potential claims and protect your rights simultaneously.

What Kind of Lawyer Do I Need?

Even though there are thousands of sub-specialties of a lawyer, you need a corporate business attorney to help you sue the company. A corporate business lawyer helps you in every case, whether it is an injury at work, product liability, auto-accident at work, etc.

What Kind of Charges Can Be Initiated Against A Company?

You can sue a company for a variety of reasons. However, some common lawsuits are:

  • Personal injury.
  • Product liability.
  • Medical malpractice/ illegal use of medical funds.
  • Violation of state and federal laws.
  • Tax fraud.
  • Sexual harassment.
  • Discrimination.
  • False advertisement.

Types of Company That Could Be Held Liable

Generally, any kind of business can be held liable under federal and state laws. Some of the companies that can be sued are:

  • Educational institutes.
  • State and local government businesses.
  • Federal agencies.
  • For-profit companies.
  • Non-profit organizations.
  • Solo entrepreneurs/practitioners.

Reasons to Sue A Company

Before you meet a lawyer to sue a company, you must know the reasons for filing a lawsuit. You have the rights to sue a business if:

  • The company intentionally made a mistake.
  • Any personal injury accident/work accident occurred due to the company’s negligence.
  • The company was deceptive.

How Do I Find A Good Lawyer to Sue A Company?

To have a good lawyer by your side, it is essential to know the following about him:

  • What experience does your business corporate attorney have in handling cases similar to yours?
  • Does the lawyer have a good reputation for fighting against large organizations?
  • Does your lawyer have a specialty in specific areas or handle all kinds of cases? If yes, then you need to find a lawyer who has expertise in corporate/business matters.
  • Does your lawyer have a shoestring budget for the cases or he has all the financial resources to handle your case?


Before choosing a lawyer, it is best to find if he speaks the same law language as you, understands your demands, and helps you to get the highest settlement possible.

How To File Bankruptcy Without An Attorney?

How To File Bankruptcy Without An Attorney?
How To File Bankruptcy Without An Attorney?

Are you thinking to file a Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 bankruptcy case without the help of a bankruptcy attorney? If you are, there are high chances that you have a pretty tight budget. You have spent time searching for the fee of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney and even the low-income bankruptcy lawyers seem to be out of your budget.

Individuals can surely file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case without professional and legal help from a bankruptcy attorney. This procedure is known as filing ‘pro se’. However, they should not stop their hunt for cheap bankruptcy lawyers as seeking a bankruptcy lawyer’s advice is crucial. Bankruptcy cases have long-term legal and financial outcomes.

Filing a bankruptcy case under Chapter 13 or 7 takes days of preparation and a complete understanding of the legal issues that might arise during the procedure. Misunderstandings and failure to follow law enforcement upon you might ruin your case in no time. Moreover, you cannot even take useful advice by a court bankruptcy attorney as one is strictly prohibited by law.

When Is It Feasible to File Without A Bankruptcy Attorney?

If you have a simple bankruptcy case, then you do not need to search for a chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney. You can proceed to the legal process and receive a grant for discharging all the debts on your own.

If you have a low income than the media state, do not have enough assets to afford even one of the cheap bankruptcy lawyers, and do not have any priority debts or fraud allegations against you, you can easily file the pro se case without a chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney.

When Is It Bad to Not Hire A Bankruptcy Attorney?

Certain bankruptcy cases are very complex to be handled by an individual. For instance, if your average income is above the median state-level or if you own a business, things might get hot in the court.

If you have creditors claiming against you or have an ample amount of assets, it is advisable not to file a chapter 7 bankruptcy case on your own. Instead, look for low-income bankruptcy lawyers as the court may seize your assets.

Are You Comfortable to Do It on Your Own?

Even if you have a simple bankruptcy case, you might not have the energy or the guts to fight for yourself. Sometimes, the cases can be time-consuming and intimidating. Filling out forms, attending hearings, searching endlessly for laws can get you tired.

If you are not ready to face all the circumstances of an ongoing legal process, it is best to look for a bankruptcy attorney. Not only would you be free from filling legal forms but would have someone to fight on your behalf.

8 Steps to File A Bankruptcy Case Without Attorney- Under Bankruptcy Laws

Here are the 8 steps to file a bankruptcy case without hiring a chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney:

  • The law has established limits on wealth and income. Therefore, you need to provide full disclosure of your assets, income, and wealth. If your income is less than the median state level and has fewer assets, you are eligible to file a bankruptcy case on your own.
  • After that, you have to fill out the means test if your income is above the median state level. This form would determine if your average income is less or more than the other households of your size in the same state.
  • Before filing a case, the court would assure if you have proper education about debt handling. You must clarify to the court that you do meet the requirements.
  • After that, you have to fill out Form B1, an official voluntary petition.
  • When you have assembled all the documents and filled out all the paperwork, you have to file a petition so that your case could be scheduled.
  • You would have to attend a 341 meeting where the trustee would ask you several questions about your debt management and non-exempt property.
  • You must also attend the financial management course or you might risk having your case dismissed.
  • In the end, you have to meet all the court’s requirements before you can represent yourself in the court.

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